Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Indiana has a very buoyant real estate market. Some of the most exquisite and pricey homes are available in the city which offers some of the best real estate values available in the Midwest region. Some of the nicest estates and homes are located in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs particularly in Carmel, and Hamilton County with its trendy communities. One exclusive home that is available for sale in Indianapolis right now is located on 770 Williams Cove, Indianapolis Indiana, 46260. This home can be viewed through this website  it is located on a tranquil environment and recommended for anyone looking for a great value and investment property in Indianapolis. This article discusses the most expensive top 5 homes sold in the Indianapolis area.

1 Christel Dehaan Home in Indianapolis Indiana

On the top of the list is the Christel Dehaan home located on N. Michigan Road in the city of Indianapolis. This home is valued at $875 million in 1996. This property has a very long driveway, and the main house occupies a space of 25,000 square foot. It has a big swimming pool, and a tennis court as well as a detached garage. Other amenities in the house include Power plant, and a huge man-made lake. It is a great home and there is none quite like it in the Midwest region.

2.Simon family estate in Carmel Indiana

This is the second most expensive property in Indianapolis Indiana. It is valued as $15,623,200 in 2013. This great home is owned by Asherwood Residence LLC and Asherwood Recreation LLC. In 2012 the total taxes paid by the owners of this home was $176, 619.32 This property was built by Mall magnate and Indiana Pacers co-owner Mel Simon and his wife Bren Simon. Mel died in 2009 at the age of 82 years. This house occupies  a 45,517 square foot and was built on a 100 acres of land and is often referred to as the Asherwood estate. Other amenities on this estate include an 18-hole private golf course and a tennis court. A separate guest house is 7,200 feet long. This home took more than 3 years to build from start to finish, taxes assessed on the property is equivalent for the total taxes paid on 8 land parcels according to tax assessment records.

3 Jones Estate

The Jones estate is another home located in Carmel area. In 2013, the property was assessed at a value of $5,429,700. The annual assessed tax for this property was $87, 649.72 in 2013. This home was previously owned by ChaCha an online search engine. This property is located on a 53 acre estate which includes a 20,721 square foot home with 10 fireplaces. This house also has a big swimming pool, and another separate smaller house which could be used as a guest quarter. It is a great house among the many exquisite properties in and around Indianapolis.

4. Lucas Estate in Carmel

The Lucas estate is owned by the Lucas Family Living Trust. According to an assessment done in 2013, this home has a value of $9,405,900 and the owners pay an annual property tax of #148,335.36.The 33.6 acre French Country estate located on 116th street was bought for $3 million cash in October, 2010 by Forrest and Charlotte Lucas . The previous owner lost the house which was previously listed at $20 million land where this home sits, was purchased by Forrest and Charlotte Lucas and according to them they invested $35 million to further develop the property which contains a 25,000 square foot main house and a 15,000 square foot sports pavilion, a swimming pool and a water fall

5. Dr. August “Gus” and Peggy Watanabe estate

Dr. August and Peggy Watanabe spent quite some time planning their new home to be built on a 16.000 square foot property located in a gated community on the Northewestside. When the house was finally completed, the design drew from Gus Watanabe’s Japanese heritage. Tragedy struck the family and Gus died before the house was completed in 2009. The house is worth $6.5 million. The design was influenced by Frank Lloyd Right’s architectural design blended with Japanese influences. It has a nature design with African Hardwood and a custom hallway. The house also has large stone water sculpture at the entrance built by an artist from Bloomington Indiana, and the property boasts of 17 cylinder chandeliers created by an artist flown down from Hawaii. The ceilings have angled design with glass paneled walls providing roof top views.


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