Top Realtors Selling Homes in Indianapolis

Buying a home can be a tedious process for most of us. We need the right people to guide us to make sure that the house of our dreams is not lost. That’s where realtors come in; they are the important bridge standing between us and the dream house. The realtor you’ll get will determine the house and this is why only the best should be considered. Indianapolis luxury homes can provide the best realtors in this state. Among the best realtors are:

  • David Brenton

He is considered as one of the best real estate agents in Indianapolis having sold over 274 homes. David is an agent with the David Brenton Team. He is known for his expertise on his fields which are; residential sales, luxury homes and first time home buyers. He has great knowledge of the local area. Most people who have worked with him have praised his honesty while doing his job. If you are looking for an agent he is definitely one to work with. His personal website is http// or can be contacted through

  • Paula Henry

She prides herself of being a real estate agent and considers it a full time profession. Paula makes sure that her customers are well informed and up to date of the current trends in the market. She helps you in selling and buying of houses. Flexibility and personal interest are one of her key traits; every situation is dealt differently depending on your needs. When it comes to buying you a home, Paula is the best for you. She boasts of certifications such as the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) making her well placed to cater for your house needs. Her personal website is or contacted using her blog

  • JJ Canull

Born in a real estate family, he and his dad both have a combination of 64 years of experience. This has made him qualified and given him that cutting edge that is required to get more listing as well as sell them. JJ has an experience in dealing with areas such as; commercial listings, condos and new builds. He can be contacted If you want to know more about him you can check his blog at

  • Chris Price

He is part of a team that is considered the most successful real estate teams and number 1 REO broker in Indiana. His expertise allows him to transact in/with luxury homes, first time buyers, condos, commercial leasing and many more. Chris likes placing his client first to make sure that they get the right home for the right price. Chris can be found on his website at apart from that you can find him at his blog which;

  • Jody Meredith

She works as a broker for Re/Max Legends Group and has sold over 64 homes. Her specialties include short, residential as well as luxury homes. Jody boasts of being knowledgeable of the greater Indianapolis area as well as being “on top of her game”. Most people have accredited her of being very professional as well as up to the task. If you need a home bought or sold, she’ll get it done.

  • Dawn Whalen

She boasts of being an Indianapolis native having lived in Beech Grove for over 23 years. She has an expertise on dealing with Real Estate Owned Houses (Bank Owned), Short and residential sales. Dawn has sold over 63 houses and is known to be very patient and works well with first time buyers as well. She also donates a portion of her commissions to charity so; you can work with her for a good cause. She can be found at

  • Pam Hornett

She is a true local having lived in Indianapolis. Pam has sold over 51 homes. Unlike other realtors, she has experience and expertise in many different aspects such as; Bank Owned, Short sales as well as First time buyers. Pam has been praised by customers for being very professional as well as patient, holding the hands of her customers the whole way.

  • Mariam Rahmani

Mariam is also known as a residential specialist and has sold over 49 homes. She is flawless when paying attention to detail, has very strong negotiation skills and is very hard working. Customers have loved her because she puts herself in their shoes and avoid times wasting. She excels in recommending the best houses for her customers and can work around the clock to ensure you get it.

  • Joy Hickman

A professional in what she does, joy is very skilled. She has sold over 35 homes and has several years of experience as a buyer agent and a listing agent. This makes her know both sides of the coin. She is licensed to buy or sell houses, farms, land and multifamily houses in central Indiana She has expertise in relocating people to different locations in the US. Joy’s experience allows her to make sure that you get the right price for your home (whether buying or selling). She is also honest with her customers, updating and advising them in every new step.

  •  Grace Colette

Grace boasts 12 years in the real estate industry and is an expert on aspects such as short sales, Residential sales and First time home buyers and has sold over 35 homes. She works well with buyers no matter what experience they have. This is because grace is very patient with people and has worked jibs that advocate for face to face contact. Grace is adored by her customers because she also takes a personal interest in the job she’s given. She’ll make sure that you get your dream home; grace will give you that Indianapolis luxury home at the right price. Grace will work around the clock to make sure that the experience is best for both parties.


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